1. WELCOME TO the official website of  International Conference on Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering (ICIMECE)

This International  Conference will be held on October 6-7, 2016 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

The first ICIMECE (formerly known as IMECE) was held in 2015. 
This year, this conference will be held to provide opportunities for the different areas to exchange new ideas and also experiences, as well as to establish business or research relations and to find global partnership for future collaboration in the fields of Engineering.

The Theme of 2nd Day ICIMECE 2016, 7 October 2016 : “Commericialization of Renewable Energy”

The theme of 2nd days ICIMECE 2016 is “Commercialization of Renewable Energy”. This event will strengthen the collaboration and provide a forum for industry professionals, academicians, researchers, and scientists to discuss and exchange their research results, innovative ideas, and experiences in all aspects of intelligent and green technologies, as well as to identify emerging research topics and define the future directions to achieve sustainable development.

Energy and water are two basic commodities needed in every human activity to produce sustainable and highly qualified life. Energy can be considered as a “fuel” for growth, an essential requirement that used for economic and social development. The level of energy demand will also increase by the increase of a country

Global economic dependence on fossil fuel and the increase of environmental concerns are directed at research and development of alternative methods of power generation systems. The development of energy technologies for the future is expected to be diversifying a wide range of alternative energy sources both conventional energy sources (non-renewable) nor renewable energy sources. Exploration on alternative energy sources in certain areas is a major factor that can be used to support the diversification of energy supply, even in practice only on a small scale to medium that may be applied to support activity in the household sector, small industries, and medium industries.

Renewable energy sources are expected to have an active role in the diversification of the energy scenario in the future, because of this energy source is environmentally friendly and has infinity resources. For example, solar energy, which is the energy source of the most "ancient" and is the beginning of all fossil fuels and other renewable energy sources, also can be used as an alternative energy source and its availability is also very adequate. Nevertheless, the development of alternative energy sources is greatly influenced by the geographical situation. In addition, the technology used to optimize the energy source is still in the development stage.

Power generation systems using solar cells that are not connected to the electricity network utility has the advantage, that is simple and easy in controlling the electrical power produced. While the solar cell system used through the interconnection system should be modeled in a number of conditions, namely the conditions under full load, condition when the sunlight intensity is high, and the condition when the light intensity is low. Light intensity is used to model the circumstances at the time of the morning and afternoon which have almost the same light intensity characteristic. Research and project of Solar Power Plant (SPP) has been executed a lot. SPP research was developed with a capacity of 10-15 kW for the frontier, outermost and disadvantaged areas, with off-grid system and less maintenance. This solar power plant model must be adjusted to frontier, outermost and disadvantaged areas because the sustainability of solar power is very important.

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Publication Opportunity

  1. All accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceeding with ISBN Number.
    • The 2016 ICIMECE Proceeding's ISBN: XPLORE COMPLIANT (978-1-5090-4161-9) & USB (978-1-5090-4160-2)
  2. The papers within the scope of IEEE shall be submitted to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library and SCOPUS for indexing after peer review process.